Friday, June 14, 2019

Be Still

Life is so hard!  It's like the unexpected hits you almost every day.  For instance, like losing your job.  This is more common than you think, unfortunately.  Companies downsize to stay afloat, or implement more AI (Computer driven methods).  Last year when my husband was let go from his position at a church.  I lost my breathe.  The painful weave of this circumstance was that I was having to leave all of my closest friends.  How would we financially make it?  My heart was aching and breaking.  But God....

Hindsight is always 20/20.  I am able to see clearly now.  God had to step in and pull us away.  Our season was over there.  In our humanness we want to fight.  While those reactions maybe human, they're not Christ-like.  The Lord wants us to be still.  He wants to fight for us.  Exodus 14:14.  His ways are not our ways.  His thoughts are not our thoughts.  He has our tomorrow in mind.  He has our next week in mind.  He has our next year in mind as He is prepping us for our future and next adventure with Him. 

It doesn't always look like we want it to look.  Quite frankly, God is not interested in having it look the way we want it.  He has a master plan that His Mighty hand directs and orchestrates to make something beautiful out of our lives, if we allow Him. 

I've watched my husband discover all kinds of things about himself.  He is a fabulous teacher.  He is full of tenderness and grace.  I've discovered that life without my bosom buddies has been different but not impossible.  God has become "bigger" in my life.  I've grown to know Him more intimately in so many ways.  I've learned how to be still.  I've learned how to enjoy just sitting in His presence.  It makes my heart sing! 

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